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Building Relationships, Building Wealth, Building Homes

Providing investment solutions for people who want
to get into property but don’t know where to start.

Are your investments generating poor returns?

Interest rates on savings accounts are starting to rise, but they are still well below inflation meaning our cash in the bank is losing value while the cost of living is still rising.

UK bricks and mortar is regarded as one of the safest investment classes. That is why we love property; we can touch it, feel it and manage it.

We help investors capitalise from our projects by sourcing lucrative development opportunities.

At Bluebird Property Investment, we build wealth by acquiring buildings that are in need of love, and then we add value and either sell or refinance for a profit.

Due to the profitability of our projects, we can offer high-yielding, fixed interest rates on your investment principle.




Our aim is to provide a service that makes your money work for you.

Coming from a background of accounting and finance, we know how to analyse deals and do our number crunching to calculate every last penny.

By sourcing suitable land and property deals, we assess the best solution for those sites to provide high-quality, affordable homes to Bristol’s residents.

Our developments always add value, and you can be assured that we carry out extensive due diligence on our projects to maximise the rewards. We finance our developments using a combination of our own money, our investors’ money, and bank finance. If this sounds up your street, get in touch to see how we can work together.


Case Study


This investment was purchased in 2019. The property still has scope to be extended and could become a six-bed HMO subject to licensing conditions.

The property brings in a net rental income of £1,262 per month, and further capital growth could be realised as similar properties in the area have sold in excess of £360,000.

Purchase price:
Development & buying costs:
Total costs:
Money left in deal:

Annual net cashflow:
Return on investment:

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